Qhubi--About us

For all SMEs, we, Qhubi, would like to deliver a solution including transparency, standard purchasing process and alternative sources from all over the world.

Qhubi is a business partner offering international opportunities. Our goal is both to deliver standard and transparent purchasing process having our platform do all operational works of our customers and to provide them with alternative vendors bringing both local and global, especially Far East companies, together. Our customers can manage all steps from demand management to creating a PO on Qhubi. Besides, instant data visualization is possible.

The main capability making Qhubi unique is to be able to provide all registered companies with broad and reliable alternative vendor pool based on the board of Qhubi ‘s international network. Each company willing to register on Qhubi, is confirmed within 24 hours after the investigation made by Qhubi team (As for Far East companies, Qhubi China Team does).

Qhubi team is consisting of young and dynamic individuals who graduated from the top-tier collages in Turkey and gained experience managing 100 M USD purchasing portfolio more than 5 years at the firms that have good global reputation. What’s more, the team members trained by elite education institutions to improve their negotiation skills, have successfully completed CIPS certification program which is well-accepted across the world. Besides, the certification program about e-marketing confirmed by under secretariat of foreign trade has been completed.In addition to all of these, Qhubi, as a promising project, has been not only chosen by BAMBU techno park team of Dokuz Eylul University but also supported by them.