Qhubi S.S.S.

Is trial free?

Trial is free for 1 months.

How could I register?

Create your company profile on register tab. Every details which you share about your company will enhance your attractiveness. You can define categories which you wish to share your quotation. You can change your categories after your registration as you wish. You will access your profile easily, after you define an user name and password.

What is admin panel for?

You can evaulate your KPI performance via dashboard indicators. on your menu; You can customize your account on your account section.

How could I manage my quotations?

You can evaluate your quotations which comes from suppliers. You can request new quotations on any category, after you fill all requirements. Further more, you can put a time restrict to get all quotations.

Does Qhubi allow to investigate member companies?

You can search the member companies on Firms section.

How could I manage quotation evaluation?

You can view your RFQs, evaluate the quotations and update your demand with your new target prices. Qhubi You can assign your order to convenient supplier via Qhubi as you wish(Qhubi Delivered order via Qhubi is not a formal PO . Qhubi An convenient platform is aimed to gather supply and demand regarding dynamic market conditions by Qhubi management. )

Is it possible to report all steps?

All processes could be reported as excel or pdf. Qhubi Each parties can chat on Qhubi for prompt responses.For instance, you can chat with customers about drawings.You will be informed about per step via automatic e-mails. You can follow every details on your mobile devices at your office or outside.

Why Qhubi?

Qhubi Quotation processes which connect companies are transformed to transparent and reportable platform instead of e-mails. To smart spending, as a business professional,you should be a part of our family which expand to cover many industry and which offers an dynamic portfolio.